Mason’s Brewing Company Brunch

Jess and DD were SUPPOSED to go hiking today (Willow is hiking in southern Maine with a friend) but it was cold. And sleeping in and BLOODY MARYS sounded SO much more appealing –  so we decided that our adventure for today would be BRUNCH. Jess and DD went to Judy’s (a dive bar with breakfast) last weekend, but DD is a crazy Bloody Mary critic and they just did not measure up. Jess, on the other hand, loves Judy’s bloodies – so you could say the struggle is REAL. We initially decided on Dysart’s on Broadway, where we could get what we knew to be great Bloodies and Eggs, but we had just seen on fb that Mason’s Brewing Company was doing brunch, and we were intrigued.

We called and found out they were open at 10:30. It was 10, so we headed to Dysart’s but that place was completely packed. We said to each other, well, I guess the choice is easy…the universe is looking out for us and we headed back over the bridge to Mason’s! The restaurant opened at 10:30 and we were the first people through the door. We were greeted by super friendly staff, namely a guy named Derek, who we later found out had created the amazing mural on the wall. WITH CHALK.


We sat in a window seat and we had a great view of the Penobscot River with the people walking down the Brewer Riverwalk. Our delicious Bloodies came at record speed while we decided on our food, and we were enjoying the mix of music – Alice in Chains to Rolling Stones. Lush, cool vibes. We discussed the changes in Mason’s since the last time we were there, namely the new mural mentioned earlier. It is completely magical and surreal.



Jess got the Pork Belly Benedict with a homemade biscuit, and in addition to the pork belly, it also had CANDIED BACON. DD got the Steak and Eggs complete with garlic-asiago waffle with spicy hollandaise. WHAAAAT!!!??? Rave reviews all around. Bloody Marys were stellar – light and delicious, peppery and horseradishy and a bit spicy, our waitress was amazing – my water was never even close to empty and she went the extra mile, multiple times. The food was unique and delicious.


After our bloodies were done, we decided tried a few of the craft cocktails and sample some of the new brews.

Jess and DD both were interested in the same drinks, the Black Seeds – a tequila sparkling wine drink, and the Starting Line – a moscow mule-inspired-bourbon molasses drink. Both were exceptional. We describe them as a margarita on crack, and a warm and fuzzy. We then sampled two of the new(er)brews – the Mocha Stout and the Hipster Apocalypse.


The Hipster Apocalypse was a refreshing IPA – for someone that doesn’t like IPA’s even. It tasted like vacation and transported us to another world.

The Mocha Stout was exactly like it was described:

Our Mocha Stout is an American stout with aromas of roasted malt and coffee melding into a rich chocolate flavor accented by a smooth mouthfeel from generous use of oatmeal in the mash. An excellent beer for a cold winter morning.

The ambiance and experience was truly amazing. Cant wait to go back and try EVERYTHING on their new menu and nightly specials. Here are tonight’s specials.



FMI on Mason’s:



Sending Love and Light From Maine –

DD (and Jess!)

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