DD’s Favorite Trail Lunch – Sandwich Style

Hey it’s DD! I wanted to share with you some of my hiking staples – the things I always have in my fridge to prepare for a hike. It took me a while to find my favorites, and while we all have our favorite trail lunch, I personally love a meat and cheese sandwich on the trail. It becomes part of the experience, and I never really eat this sandwich any other time, unless of course, I am prepping for a hike! It just tastes so much better on the trail, I can’t ruin it by having it any other day of the week. It’s a very particular series of combinations, so I thought I’d share my version of DD’s Favorite Trail Lunch – Sandwich Style!

  1. 100 calorie sandwich thins – whole wheat. I prefer the Sandwich Thins brand.
  2. low sodium sliced turkey, chicken, or roast beef.
  3. sliced cheese – white cheddar, provolone, or swiss, depending on the main protein.
  4. mayo and stone ground mustard – but not too much!
  5. spinach, romaine, or arugula to top it off.
  6. Cut it in half, and wrap it in foil!

To complement this delightful sandwich, I pack a container of Kettle Cooked BBQ Chips (in a hard container so they don’t get smashed in your bag) and an Iced Green Tea, and life is good. It is a delightful meal to look forward to after a summit and fuels you throughout the rest of your hike. I might also add some dark chocolate in there for a treat.

Let me know if you find a good combo that I can add to my arsenal of my favorite Trail Lunches!

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