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Hey guys it’s DD!! Welcome to our new feature – FEATURED ADVENTURERS! There are so many rad people out there that are Maine Adventurers that we are lucky enough to know, we thought that you guys should know about them too, so we decided on a little Q & A session with some of the people that inspire us! So – without further adieu – our first featured Adventurer – HOLLY TWINING from Maine Yoga Adventures!!


Holly Twining is from Providence, RI, but calls Orono, Maine home, and has for the past 13 years. I first met Holly when I was taking Aerial Yoga classes at OMLand Yoga, and was struck immediately by her kindness and her ability to calm me when I was panicked and attempting to slide down silk ropes. (True story!) She’s got a heart of gold. More recently I’ve been seeing Holly on some of her adventures – you may remember her from our Bounce and Beer Adventure!

Q1: What was your favorite adventure thus far that Maine Yoga Adventures has hosted?

A1: Ice Climbing & Snowshoeing Up A Mountain in Acadia Adventure or was it Ziplining & Surfing in Costa Rica?!


Q2: If you could go on any adventure anywhere in the entire planet and $$ was not an issue where would you go?

A:2 New Zealand – seems remote, expansive, glorious – Australia would also be fine, I’d love to see the great barrier reef❤️

Q3: What motivated you to start Maine Yoga Adventures?

A:3 Who can resist spending their time coming up with creative ways to bring yoga & nature together with a little extra?! I’ve always been an interdisciplinary woman, taking a bit of this & a bit of that and trying to make something happen.

Q4: What do you hope others take from your Mission?

A4: Get outside! Respect nature and grow your love for it by simply being in it. And, please practice yoga even if you “aren’t flexible”.

Q5: Tell us about your favorite thing about the outdoors and Maine?

A5: Every season is unique and gorgeous in it’s own way – you can enjoy skiing in the winter along a wooded trail with animal tracks to decipher, puddle splashing & mud rolling while watching migratory birds in the spring, fall is drop dead fabulous for hiking in the mountains whilst working your tree id skills, and summer you can drop in just about anywhere for an amazing paddle to watch fish, turtles, frogs….

Q6: What advice would you give aspiring adventurers for becoming more involved in Maine Yoga Adventures or a similar project in a place near them?

A6: Find an adventure that suits you best and simply book it, don’t think about it too much, just give it a try & see what happens…usually it’s quite magical 🙂

Q7: Top 5 tips you’d recommend to those looking to get into yoga and/or mindfulness?


  1. Try a local class – easier to practice with a group
  2. Try an adventure – easier to adventure with a group, especially w/ a group that adds yoga to the adventure
  3. For meditation I recommend either a local meditation group or a solo practice w/ an app or some type of recording
  4. ‘not flexible’ no worries a yoga class/yoga adventure will ease you in and over time, viola, flexible!
  5. no need to buy new clothes, props, etc just show up comfy!

Q8: Any advice for making Maine winters an adventure?

A8: Stay active. So much to do…cross country & downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ice skating, hockey, sledding, long walks interspersed with snow angel making, feed the birds & watch them visit, make people, pets & forts in the snow and if there’s no snow, take hikes with hot chocolate and your crampons on. In other words, don’t let the cold keep you from going outside. I’d like to spend a night in a yurt this winter…

Q9: What’s your favorite Mantra?

A9: Inhale, Exhale

Q10: How can people connect with you?

A10: Facebook

Twitter: @MEYogaAdventure

Instagram: @maineyogaadventures

Blog/website: maineyogaadventures.com

Email: maineyogaadventures@gmail.com

BONUS QUESTION – are there any deals or promotions you want to offer to the LoveMaineAdventures Community??

BONUS ANSWER: 20% off an adventure! Just let Holly know you saw her profile on LoveMaineAdventures.com and it inspired you to book a trip!

Well – there you have it! 10 q’s with our first Maine Adventurer of the Month – Holly Twining.

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