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Hey it’s DD! I’ve been really looking forward to trying out the “new” Oriental Jade – they have recently renovated – and their Wednesday Night offering of Sushi Unlimited was just the thing to get me in the doors! I’ve been in for lunch and dinner while they were working on the renovations, so I had an idea of all of the love + passion the owners have been pouring into it, keeping the legacy alive. I was delighted to finally have gathered a group of my good friends to dine here on Wednesday, considering the crazy busy lives we all lead! Two of the ladies have recently had babies – 3 weeks and 5 weeks – so it was a great night out! (ps – not only are they great friends – they are my photography clients over at www.thewanderinglights.com  – thanks gals!)

The renovations create a relaxing ambiance and the portions are large and delightful. Everything was fresh + delicious and the price was right!

We had the sake on special, and tried a few of the samplers on the Unlimited menu.

Sushi Unlimited Menu at Oriental Jade, best places to eat in Bangor

I love raw sushi, but I also enjoy creative sushi and this menu has something for everyone. Kim-chi was very delicious ( I have a savory palate) and I enjoyed my miso soup, chicken + mushroom bao bun + wow – the tempura butternut squash was AMAZING.

My sushi was spicy tuna + mango chicken, and  it was just the right amount of full but could have gotten more rolls under the “Sushi Unlimited” rules. also – to be noted- you can order multiple appetizers under the rules for #SushiUnlimited !


and, as always, the old faithful – PUPU PLATTER! (Not on Unlimited Menu :))

PuPu Platter Oriental Jade Bangor

I highly recommend the new Oriental Jade Experience for anyone looking for fresh Asian cuisine, for all diets, and for anyone looking to have a fabulous dining experience at a great price – what a gem to have here – so many healthy, fresh options – which you wouldn’t expect from the old Oriental Jade Buffet –  IN BANGOR! An exceptional experience, I cannot wait to have again!

FMI on Oriental Jade + Bangor Beer Co. – use the hashtags #OrientalJade and #SushiUnlimited

www.orientaljade.com – lunch, dinner, and online ordering available.

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Next up – Bangor Beer Co. – can’t wait to check out this great new space!


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Oriental Jade Best Places to Eat in Bangor



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