Ethan Evans – co-founder, Openworld Outfitters

Our newest featured Adventurer is our dear friend Ethan Evans. Ethan is born and raised in Newburgh, ME Ethan is the co-founder of Openworld Outfitters, a veteran-owned outdoor brand and outfitter, who we adventure with often. He was featured in our Borestone Mountain post.  You may have heard us post about their Pocket Blanket, which we keep with us at all times. Their Tarp has saved us quite a few times – more on that later! Here’s a Q and A with Ethan Evans from Openworld Outfitters!

Q1: What has been your favorite adventure thus far, with Openworld Outfitters or just in life? 

Scuba Diving in Mexico, and building schools in Guatemala, where we got to hike the Mayan ruins.

Q2: What are your Adventure goals?

I’m not sure I have a list at this point there is so much I am aware of and I want to do it all. I would love to Surf Down a Volcano, Parasail in the Caribbean, Ride motorcycles in Asia, Backpack around Europe…. I could go on forever!

Q3: How did OpenWorld Outfitters begin?

Ben Headly, Ben Watsky and I met while attending a small aviation school in New Hampshire. We developed the concept behind OpenWorld Outfitters because we wanted to make that connection between your normal everyday person and your hardcore adventurer. OpenWorld Outfitters is all about making the outdoors acceptable for everyone and making ultralight products that scale across all skills levels.

Q4: What do you hope others take from your project?

We want to show that regardless of your level of experience or physical fitness there is gear out there that can work for everyone. That your once in a summer hiker can utilize the same backpack or tarp that your everyday extreme adventurer may pack.

Q5: What is favorite thing about the outdoors and Maine?

The wilderness in Maine has so much to offer it’s hard to pick just one thing.  I think most of all it’s hard to ignore the amazing coastal views you will find in a lot of Maine adventures. The views are almost always spectacular and one of a kind.

Q6: What advice would you give an aspiring adventurers for becoming more involved your project or a similar project?

I look at myself as both a business owner and an adventurer. Most of all when it comes to adventuring, no matter what you do, make sure that you do your research. Someone has done it before more often than not, buy the book, read the article, follow the instructions. The places you find the best adventures don’t have street signs and rarely have maps for you to follow. Plan and make sure to prepare accordingly and ALWAYS have a back up plan should you get off track.

Q7: What are your tips for surviving Maine winters?

Carry a heavy pack! It is much better to have the extra gear and be prepared for the elements then to go light and freeze.. That being said, never ever take on something that is over your skill or fitness levels because the Winters are much less forgiving to those mistakes then the rest of the year.

Q8: What are your favorite Adventure Quotes/Mantras?

The whole Robert Frost notion about taking the road less traveled speaks to me… When I look to go on an adventure I almost always look for one I have never done.. Life is short, see new things, experience new things, and feel new feelings!

Top 5 tips you’ve learned when creating your brand:

  1. Identify your audience and what excites them.
  2. Keep things exciting & fresh.
  3. Take your time and prepare top quality content
  4. Make things personal there are so many companies that clearly create content from others adventures… Make your own adventures!
  5. Just try something new!

How can people connect with you?

Facebook: @openworldoutfitters

Twitter: @openworldO

Instagram: @openworldoutfitter


Pinterest: @openworldout


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