saddle Trail Katahdin

Saddle Trail – Katahdin

Hey! It's DD. in 2016, I was recovering from a knee injury, so I wasn't event sure that I could hike Katahdin. We continued on planning our annual trip, regardless of the facts that the odds were against us - my knee was a mess, and the forecast called for 100% thunderstorms for the weekend. … Continue reading Saddle Trail – Katahdin

Little and Big Niagra Falls

Hey! It's DD. Last year, Jess, Willow and I went up to Baxter State Park on Thursday afternoon, looking for a short hike and some water before we set up camp for the weekend at Roaring Brook Campground. We had heard about Little and Big Niagara Falls, so we went to check them out! Side … Continue reading Little and Big Niagra Falls

31 Nights Out Challenge – Camping in Maine

In 2015 I saw a post that a friend had shared about a challenge to spend 31 nights outside between Memorial Day and Labor Day (without quitting your job).  I love a good challenge and we already had a handful of trips planned already so I figured why not?!  The summer turned into a constant … Continue reading 31 Nights Out Challenge – Camping in Maine

The Traveler Loop – Baxter State Park

Hey! It's Willow. Baxter State Park, like Acadia National Park, is a treasure of the state of Maine. I didn't start spending any quality time in Baxter State Park until I was in my 30's (I was obsessed with Acadia in my 20s) and have been making up for lost time any chance I get. … Continue reading The Traveler Loop – Baxter State Park

Beginner’s Guide to Katahdin

If you live in Maine or New England, summiting Baxter Peak on Katahdin is a definite for your outdoor adventure bucket list.  Between the two of us, we have spent many days and nights in Baxter State Park over the years and we have hiked almost every trail on the mountain. Willow has hiked most … Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Katahdin

Sandy Stream Pond

It was a rainy morning at Baxter State Park, but we decided to make the absolute best of it by taking a trip out to Sandy Stream Pond! We were staying at Roaring Book Campground, which is a great place to camp when exploring the park. You can connect to Baxter Peak from Roaring Brook … Continue reading Sandy Stream Pond

Daicey Pond, Baxter State Park

Daicey Pond

After our adventures at Big and Little Niagara Falls, we wanted to take the canoes out at Daicey Pond! You can do so for a small donation - $1.00 per hour or $8.00 per day, and it's a total honor system. We always give more - because it's just worth it- and the views are completely … Continue reading Daicey Pond

Knife’s Edge on Mount Katahdin

On August 21, 2013, my wilderness babes and I did our yearly trek over Mount Katahdin, in Baxter State Park, Maine. Mount Katahdin is the highest point in Maine at the summit - 5,268 ft at the top.This mountain is magical - a yearly reminder of the greatness of the land and nature's blessings. It's also … Continue reading Knife’s Edge on Mount Katahdin

Hiking Katahdin Over the Knife’s Edge

Hello! If you're coming to this post after reading about my first experience hiking on Mount Katahdin, you'll know that I was really looking forward to hiking Katahdin over the Knife's Edge. After we had such a great experience on year one some of our fellower Lucerne Inn-rs decided to join us on year two! … Continue reading Hiking Katahdin Over the Knife’s Edge

Winter drive to Mt. Katahdin

One beautiful February day in 2012,  my friend Melissa and I took my old Dodge Durango for a four wheel drive adventure through Millinocket, Maine. We took some of the logging roads so we could see Mount Katahdin.  We explored, we had a beautiful sunset, and it was a great day overall. As I'm writing … Continue reading Winter drive to Mt. Katahdin

Finding Yourself on Mount Katahdin

Hey! it's DD. I am writing this retrospectively, as my initial post from this event only included photos  - back when I was a blogging newbie!! Many of you don't know this, but my first Katahdin Summit came from a place of fear.It was a big catalyst in changing my life direction - my experience … Continue reading Finding Yourself on Mount Katahdin