Mount Waldo

Mount Waldo is located in Frankfort, Maine. It’s an awesome day hike if you live in the Greater Bangor Region, or MidCoast Maine. It offers great views at a low elevation, and it’s only a few miles round trip. It’s private land, and is not well maintained or well marked, so for that reason, I’d say this hike is not good for beginners, because of that […]

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Base Camp Bangor- 5 Day Hikes in the Greater Bangor Area

We think Bangor is the perfect spot in Maine for a variety of reasons.  Bangor is the third largest city in the state so its a good place to make a living, housing is affordable, and quality of life is high.  But one of the biggest reasons we love Bangor is because it is the perfect jumping off point for a hike.   You can get […]

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Bangor Beer Co. Taproom

Bangor Beer Company is Bangor, Maine’s newest brewery! It’s located in the back of Oriental Jade and offers pub fare, asian fare, craft beer, sushi, ramen, and much much more.   For more info on Bangor Beer Co you can follow them on facebook, Instagram, and Untapped!

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Oriental Jade – Sushi Unlimited!

Hey it’s DD! I’ve been really looking forward to trying out the “new” Oriental Jade – they have recently renovated – and their Wednesday Night offering of Sushi Unlimited was just the thing to get me in the doors! I’ve been in for lunch and dinner while they were working on the renovations, so I had an idea of all of the love + passion […]

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Featured Adventurer – Holly Twining – Maine Yoga Adventures

Hey guys it’s DD!! Welcome to our new feature – FEATURED ADVENTURERS! There are so many rad people out there that are Maine Adventurers that we are lucky enough to know, we thought that you guys should know about them too, so we decided on a little Q & A session with some of the people that inspire us! So – without further adieu – our […]

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Nocturnem Draft Haus

Hey it’s DD! We got the gang together one Monday night to chat about our upcoming Katahdin trip (we have 3 lean tos – about 14 people coming!) and we have sort of a tradition when planning this trip – Flight Night at Nocturnem Draft Haus! Nocturnem is a local bar started by a guy named Gene. DD met Gene when she was waitressing at […]

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Paddy Murphy’s – Downtown Bangor – Foodie Adventures

Hey hey it’s DD! Paddy Murphy’s is one of my favorite places to get a drink + a bite to eat any day of the week. Great beer, awesome food, warm ambiance + friendly waitstaff make this place a must-see when you’re in Bangor. It’s especially awesome on Sunday afternoons for a few reasons – It’s Acoustic Lunch  – Angela, our good friend and bartender […]

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Geaghan Brothers Brewing Taproom

Geaghans Taproom is located in Brewer, Maine and is a great spot to meet a friend for drinks – or to stop by and make a new friend! The taproom has recently expanded for beer brewing purposes, and I was excited to check it out for a Public Relations networking event I was attending. I look forward to visiting again in the summer, when the patio […]

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Bounce ‘n Beer Adventure with Maine Yoga Adventures!

DD and Willow, coming at you. We’ve recently discovered a great new Bangor Adventure, and we are THRILLED to share it with you! It all started one rainy day…..when the weather calls for rain for days, and days, and days, what’s a pair of adventures to to do?  We were sorting out our weekend plans when we saw Maine Yoga Adventure’s Maine Bounce ‘n Beer […]

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Blaze Bangor

Hey! It’s DD! Matt (he’s my boyfriend 🙂 ) and I had a nice dinner this past weekend on Saturday night at Blaze Bangor . It’s a great Maine Foodie Adventure. It was a great night out with friends. (You might be familiar with our dinner guests… Mike + Jen of The Rusted Raven…) Blaze Bangor is a great place to have an elegant dining experience, […]

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Camping in Acadia National Park – Seawall Campground

Winter’s long nights give you plenty of time for planning summer adventures and I like to book my weekends well in advance. I recently booked our third year at Seawall Campground in Acadia National Park. This is one of my most anticipated annual trips primarily because its just my son and I- a true test of my single mom camping skills. I’m looking forward to sharing my secrets regarding […]

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Novio’s Bistro

Hey Hey it’s DD! I was sitting in the gym parking lot  getting ready to train for my #dds35for35, when our good friend Allison called. She’s part of our original tribe, but she’s a newlywed with a few almost teenage step kids, so we savor every chance to hang with her we get. It was a welcome distraction from the gym, to be honest, because […]

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