Maiden’s Cliff

Jess and I decided to check out some trails in the Midcoast Area in our extended fall season. Maiden’s Cliff in Camden, Maine was a great quick-ish hike, perfect for beginners and also very pet friendly! We did a loop – to get the most miles in, but there’s many variables of this hike, and all take you to the same stunning view! Parking for […]

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Tunk Mountain Hike

Hey! It’s DD. As you know I am working on hiking 35 mountains this year, and I am getting there, slowly. I had heard about Tunk Mountain for a while, and my friend Lindsey (who you probably remember from Borestone Mountain!) was totally down for the adventure. We decided to find the trailhead via Google Maps – bad plan. It took us to the ATV […]

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Little and Big Niagra Falls

Hey! It’s DD. Last year, Jess, Willow and I went up to Baxter State Park on Thursday afternoon, looking for a short hike and some water before we set up camp for the weekend at Roaring Brook Campground. We had heard about Little and Big Niagara Falls, so we went to check them out! Side note – you do need a park pass to get […]

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Beech Hill Preserve

Wherever you live, it’s important to find your local hikes.  Living in Maine, the definition of local tends to stretch more than it might in other areas.  For me, local is anything that I can access within an hour’s drive, because some days you don’t have much time but the mountains are calling and your soul needs to answer.  This provides me with a handful […]

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Hiking Words for Beginners

Hey hey! It’s DD. Since I am a Floridian by birth, all of this hiking jargon was new to me. I am still trying to figure it out, so . What’s that saying – fake it till you make it? While trying to be a bad ass hiker, I always just smiled and laughed like I had a clue what was going on. I thought […]

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Tips for Cold Weather Day Hikes

Good morning! I am writing this at the request of my friend Diana…. (Hey girrrrrl!) Packing for your hike can prove to be one of the most challenging aspects, one I feel like I am only beginning to fine tune after years of hiking. I always bring too much stuff and it weighs me down. So, I am hopefully going to save you a little […]

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What’s In Your Pack? Outdoor Gear – Beyond the Basics

Hiking and backpacking gear is one of my favorite things.  Seriously.  When I had to spend a big chunk of money recently on a non-hiking purchase, I grumbled as the woman behind the counter rang me up.  She asked what was wrong and I said “Oh, I was just thinking about how much hiking gear I could buy for that price.”  I have had so […]

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Mansell Mountain – Acadia National Park

Hey! It’s DD. I recently went for a nice long walk around Long Pond in Acadia National Park, and it reminded me of a great trail Jess and I did back last spring – Mansell Mountain, up the Perpendicular Trail and across the Razorback. Parking for this trail is at Long Pond. In the winter, it’s not too difficult to find – there’s a small […]

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3 Seasons on Moosehead Lake

Hello – it’s Willow. I was born and raised in the great state of Maine, and I believe that if you are lucky enough in this life, you will get to spend copious time on a lake in Maine. If you are really lucky, you will get to spend some of that time on Moosehead Lake.  This post is a tribute to my favorite lake […]

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Maine Huts Adventure – Grand Falls Hut

Hey everyone, I’m Josh. DD saw my Maine Huts Adventure and begged me to tell my story so she could live vicariously. She asked me some questions about my trip and you can read my answers below. I hope you enjoy! I’ve heard about Maine Huts & Trails for years now, but never had the opportunity to check it out until earlier this month. Essentially, […]

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A Scenic Loop on Cadillac Mountain

It’s no secret that Acadia National Park is one of our favorite destinations.  Willow has been hiking there since she was a kid thanks to her parents who got her hooked on ocean views and granite ridges at a young age. This story is from Willow, on one of her solo hikes – a scenic loop on Cadillac Mountain. Even though the options are limitless in the park, I […]

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Sargent Mountain

It was a beautiful day, to begin with. We’ve had some AMAZING weather here in Maine this season. Literally perfect. DD and Willow needed a little outdoor therapy – and we’re lucky enough to live oh so close to Acadia National Park – so we decided to take advantage of our beautiful backyard. This was also a good opportunity for DD to begin her #DDs35for35 […]

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