Tunk Mountain Hike

Hey! It’s DD. As you know I am working on hiking 35 mountains this year, and I am getting there, slowly. I had heard about Tunk Mountain for a while, and my friend Lindsey (who you probably remember from Borestone Mountain!) was totally down for the adventure. We decided to find the trailhead via Google Maps – bad plan. It took us to the ATV […]

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Little and Big Niagra Falls

Hey! It’s DD. Last year, Jess, Willow and I went up to Baxter State Park on Thursday afternoon, looking for a short hike and some water before we set up camp for the weekend at Roaring Brook Campground. We had heard about Little and Big Niagara Falls, so we went to check them out! Side note – you do need a park pass to get […]

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Weekend Warrior’s Guide to Maine Beaches

Maine summers are short and when you work 40+ hours Monday-Friday, you have to maximize every single weekend moment.  Monday mornings in summer have me checking the long range forecast from the National Weather Service to keep an eye on the weekend conditions.  My favorite Maine beaches are all bookmarked and depending on weather, cloud cover, fog and temperature, I can determine the best place to […]

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Scarborough Beach State Park

Hi all, it’s Willow….. Beach season is here, and we are beach bums at the core.  Scarborough Beach State Park is by far one of the best beaches in Maine.  This beach is one of Maine’s great surf beaches and offers a more rustic feel than other beaches in Southern Maine (Read: Outhouses) and has a very chill vibe.  I have enjoyed coming to this […]

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Table Rock

We, (Willow and DD, of course!) were in desperate need of an adventure and fresh air, so we packed a bag, made the perfect trail picnic and headed southwest towards Grafton Notch State Park, located in Newry, Maine. Forgetting about the time change we ended up getting a late start, considering the sun sets at 4 pm this time of year. Grafton Notch State park is […]

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Sandy Stream Pond

It was a rainy morning at Baxter State Park, but we decided to make the absolute best of it by taking a trip out to Sandy Stream Pond! We were staying at Roaring Book Campground, which is a great place to camp when exploring the park. You can connect to Baxter Peak from Roaring Brook via the following trails – first you have to reach […]

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Daicey Pond

After our adventures at Big and Little Niagara Falls, we wanted to take the canoes out at Daicey Pond! You can do so for a small donation – $1.00 per hour or $8.00 per day, and it’s a total honor system. We always give more – because it’s just worth it- and the views are completely priceless! Daicey Pond is a great place for kids and […]

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Gulf Hagas Hike

Hey everyone! It’s DD. I am finally getting around to adding some of my FAVORITE stories here. This one is from 2015, when I really first got started with my GoPro and my idea to tell these stories. I also got super brave that year – it’s crazy to look back and realize that was only 1.5 years ago and see how much I have […]

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