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Hello! We’re so glad you found us. #lovemaineadventures was born in September of 2016 by Danielle Dorrie and Willow Sherwood to share what we had learned about exploring the outdoors, and to inspire others to get outside. We want to connect a community of explorers, focusing on Adventures in Maine (and New England)! We highlight things to eat, drink, see, and do as well as hike, camp, ski, and other outdoor activities.  We love this state + region, and we want to share our stories with you, and we’d love to hear yours! Use the hashtag #lovemaineadventures when you post on facebook, instagram, and twitter so we can find you!!

We’ve been featured in the Bangor Metro and The Maine Show Podcast, and we’ve also done speaking engagements at Social Media Breakfast, Student Associations, and more!

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For inquiries/partnerships/or to be a guest blogger, email – or send us a message here!