saddle Trail Katahdin

Saddle Trail – Katahdin

Hey! It's DD. in 2016, I was recovering from a knee injury, so I wasn't event sure that I could hike Katahdin. We continued on planning our annual trip, regardless of the facts that the odds were against us - my knee was a mess, and the forecast called for 100% thunderstorms for the weekend. … Continue reading Saddle Trail – Katahdin

MainelyGlamping Adventure

DD has known Elissa for a few years, they met working at the Portland and Bangor CVB respectively. They became great friends, connecting over their love for Maine and the outdoors, and have since both expanded their passions into outside ventures, so a partnership seemed only natural. As you know - at LoveMaineAdventures - we … Continue reading MainelyGlamping Adventure

What's in Your Pack- - Outdoor Gear Beyond the Basics (4)

What’s In Your Pack? Outdoor Gear – Beyond the Basics

Hiking and backpacking gear is one of my favorite things.  Seriously.  When I had to spend a big chunk of money recently on a non-hiking purchase, I grumbled as the woman behind the counter rang me up.  She asked what was wrong and I said “Oh, I was just thinking about how much hiking gear … Continue reading What’s In Your Pack? Outdoor Gear – Beyond the Basics

Mansell Mountain – Acadia National Park

Hey! It's DD. I recently went for a nice long walk around Long Pond in Acadia National Park, and it reminded me of a great trail Jess and I did back last spring - Mansell Mountain, up the Perpendicular Trail and across the Razorback. Parking for this trail is at Long Pond. In the winter, … Continue reading Mansell Mountain – Acadia National Park

Bald Mountain – Rangeley

Hey it's DD! Today, I’ve decided to share with you a pretty awesome hike that can be done by just about anyone that can put one foot in front of the other. Bald Mountain Rangeley ! This peak rewards conquerors with some pretty epic views and it can be done in a relatively short period … Continue reading Bald Mountain – Rangeley

Champlain Mountain Hike

It was a beautiful bluebird day when Jess, DD and Willow set off to Acadia National Park to hike Champlain Mountain. The initial plan was to hike in the White Mountains and bag another winter 4,000 footer, but the weather down south was iffy. So we opted for a lighter day in Acadia, which we … Continue reading Champlain Mountain Hike

Old Speck Mountain

Hello! This is Willow. I wanted to share a pretty interesting story about the power of hobbies and social media. I love social media for bringing like minded people together.  Despite being a fairly late adopter and an introvert, most of my closest friends are in my life because of social media- Thanks Twitter, Facebook, … Continue reading Old Speck Mountain

Snowshoeing in Dorthea Dix Park

It's #ThrowbackThursday and we're talking about #Fitness

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The Making of a Winter Hiker – Confessions of Willow

The Making of a Winter Hiker I have always loved hiking and I have always loved winter.  In my youth, I spent my days hiking in Acadia National Park, the Camden Hills, Western Maine, Baxter State Park and Vermont.  Despite my lifelong love for the mountains and love of winter, I always hiked in the … Continue reading The Making of a Winter Hiker – Confessions of Willow

Hikes in the Moosehead Lake Region

Hikes in the Moosehead Lake Region

Hey - it's Willow. If you've seen my post about camping on Moosehead Lake, you'll know that my family and I have been camping there for almost 5 years and that it's one of my favorite regions in the state.  One of the best parts of camping in this region is the excellent exploring and … Continue reading Hikes in the Moosehead Lake Region

Cadillac Mountain Traverse

Our squad decided we were up for a traverse across Cadillac Mountain on a balmy winter day that felt like Spring. it was about 40 degrees and not so windy. We started and parked near the South Ridge, North Ridge, Road Walk, Gorge Path, Hemlock Trail, Stratheden Path, finally ending at Sieur Du Monts where we … Continue reading Cadillac Mountain Traverse

Pemetic Mountain -Adventure Date 11.21.15

VIDEO   “'s very much like your trying to reach infinity. You know that it's there, you just don't know where-but just because you can never reach it doesn't mean that it's not worth looking for.” Norton Juster - The Phantom Tollbooth