Outdoor Gear We Love – from Amazon

Hiking gear can be expensive – and also addicting!! We’ve acquired quite a collection over the years of outdoor gear from Amazon, and we’d love to share it with you! We suggest building slowly- but here’s some of our faves! Side Note – this post focuses mostly on Amazon, and is all affiliate links – of things we have actually used. If you buy something from […]

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Ice Fishing Maine’s Glacial Lakes

Ice Fishing Maine’s Glacial Lakes Maine Outdoors Adventures with Twin Maple Outdoors By Richard Yvon – Twin Maple Outdoors Every Maine winter can unarguably be considered unique. The weather has become more and more unpredictable and every year ice conditions can vary drastically. Typically February and March are the two best months for fishing large glacial lakes. Why? The northern lakes of Maine are so […]

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Maiden’s Cliff

Jess and I decided to check out some trails in the Midcoast Area in our extended fall season. Maiden’s Cliff in Camden, Maine was a great quick-ish hike, perfect for beginners and also very pet friendly! We did a loop – to get the most miles in, but there’s many variables of this hike, and all take you to the same stunning view! Parking for […]

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Get Cairn – Best Adventure Subscriptions – We are proud to be ambassadors

So you have probably heard us talk about our Cairn box… we discovered it in August, 2015, and we have been members ever since. It’s definitely one of the best adventure subscription boxes out there. The best day of the month is the day our Cairn packages show up, and quite honestly we were just musing over how just having this stuff in inventory set […]

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Ethan Evans – co-founder, Openworld Outfitters

Our newest featured Adventurer is our dear friend Ethan Evans. Ethan is born and raised in Newburgh, ME Ethan is the co-founder of Openworld Outfitters, a veteran-owned outdoor brand and outfitter, who we adventure with often. He was featured in our Borestone Mountain post.  You may have heard us post about their Pocket Blanket, which we keep with us at all times. Their Tarp has saved […]

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The Lost Kitchen

Hey – it’s DD. Willow, Jess, Ali, Nick, Jamie and I united on a perfect fall day in late September to enjoy The Lost Kitchen, in Freedom, Maine. Willow was one of the lucky ones who got her message on The Lost Kitchen’s voicemail right after midnight on April 1st and scored an in demand reservation for 6 at The Lost Kitchen. Our reservations were at […]

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Precipice Trail

Precipice Trail is one of our favorite trails in Acadia National Park. It provides a nice thrill in a short hike. It starts ascending almost immediately, and you encounter rungs and ladders. The view was totally worth it. We got a little confused when we hit a cave – it almost appears as thought you might climb over it, but then you can’t really see […]

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Oriental Jade – Sushi Unlimited!

Hey it’s DD! I’ve been really looking forward to trying out the “new” Oriental Jade – they have recently renovated – and their Wednesday Night offering of Sushi Unlimited was just the thing to get me in the doors! I’ve been in for lunch and dinner while they were working on the renovations, so I had an idea of all of the love + passion […]

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Beech Cliffs to Beech Mountain

Hey! It’s DD. Jess, Nick and I wanted to do something off the Main Island in Acadia (to avoid tourists in peak season), with a bit of a challenge and some views. We decided on Beech Cliffs to Beech Mountain, in Southwest Harbor! We parked at Echo Beach, which you need a park pass for, but we hit the trailhead right off. You must get […]

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Tunk Mountain Hike

Hey! It’s DD. As you know I am working on hiking 35 mountains this year, and I am getting there, slowly. I had heard about Tunk Mountain for a while, and my friend Lindsey (who you probably remember from Borestone Mountain!) was totally down for the adventure. We decided to find the trailhead via Google Maps – bad plan. It took us to the ATV […]

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Saddle Trail – Katahdin

Hey! It’s DD. in 2016, I was recovering from a knee injury, so I wasn’t event sure that I could hike Katahdin. We continued on planning our annual trip, regardless of the facts that the odds were against us – my knee was a mess, and the forecast called for 100% thunderstorms for the weekend. Willow and I stress ate our way through the week, […]

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Featured Adventurer – Holly Twining – Maine Yoga Adventures

Hey guys it’s DD!! Welcome to our new feature – FEATURED ADVENTURERS! There are so many rad people out there that are Maine Adventurers that we are lucky enough to know, we thought that you guys should know about them too, so we decided on a little Q & A session with some of the people that inspire us! So – without further adieu – our […]

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