Road Trip down Route One

One of the things I love about Maine is that it’s so moody. The weather changes with a moment’s notice from day to day. I love the solitutde that you experience when the weather is overcast, not many people around. You can have this glorious view to yourself, as long as you have a fleece! Taking a trip down Route One is one of my favorite things to do when I have guests in town, but this was a solo trip. I meditated on the water and thanked the Earth for its blessings and the Universe for helping me find my way to this great state. I hope you enjoy thisĀ Road Trip down Route One to Camden, Rockport, the Breakwater Lighthouse, the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, Fort Knox, and the Maine Coast.

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Camden Harbor is a favorite with kids and adults alike. The tall masts of the ships in the Harbor is a stunning site to see. There are many places to eat along the Harbor that you can enjoy the views and also some brews.

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Have you done this drive? Do you have photos to share? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to see what you have. Obviously I am a fan of black and white mood photography. I feel lucky to have captured the old Penobscot Narrows Bridge before it was torn down – what a stunning site to see! If you haven’te been to the new Penobscot Narrows Observatory, it’s definitely something to add to your list. You can see for miles. Even if you’re afraid of heights like I used to be, you’ll be protected in the glass birdhouse at the top! Fort Knox is also a great destination when it’s not so foggy. The history of the Fort is fascinating and the river is beautiful. I took my Dad here once, he really enjoyed it.