A hike up Precipice Trail on Champlain Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine

Precipice Trail

Precipice Trail is one of our favorite trails in Acadia National Park. It provides a nice thrill in a short hike. It starts ascending almost immediately, and you encounter rungs and ladders. The view was totally worth it. We got a little confused when we hit a cave - it almost appears as thought you … Continue reading Precipice Trail

Beech Cliffs to Beech Mountain

Hey! It's DD. Jess, Nick and I wanted to do something off the Main Island in Acadia (to avoid tourists in peak season), with a bit of a challenge and some views. We decided on Beech Cliffs to Beech Mountain, in Southwest Harbor! We parked at Echo Beach, which you need a park pass for, … Continue reading Beech Cliffs to Beech Mountain

Why I Live in Maine

Ever wondered if you see the beauty that surrounds you? Not just see it with your eyes, but truly see it? I wonder that often. This is why I live in Maine. As an emergency room nurse, the need for stress relief is real. Being present is something I strive for each day. That is … Continue reading Why I Live in Maine

31 Nights Out Challenge – Camping in Maine

In 2015 I saw a post that a friend had shared about a challenge to spend 31 nights outside between Memorial Day and Labor Day (without quitting your job).  I love a good challenge and we already had a handful of trips planned already so I figured why not?!  The summer turned into a constant … Continue reading 31 Nights Out Challenge – Camping in Maine

Bar Harbor Beer Works

Bar Harbor Beer Works is a staple on a sunny day when adventuring in Bar Harbor. It's a popular spot, so it can be hard to get a table, especially on the roof. But, when you get one, it's worth it! There's inside dining as well, but you can't beat the awesome food and cold … Continue reading Bar Harbor Beer Works

Camping in Acadia National Park – Seawall Campground

Winter's long nights give you plenty of time for planning summer adventures and I like to book my weekends well in advance. I recently booked our third year at Seawall Campground in Acadia National Park. This is one of my most anticipated annual trips primarily because its just my son and I- a true test of my single mom … Continue reading Camping in Acadia National Park – Seawall Campground

Mansell Mountain – Acadia National Park

Hey! It's DD. I recently went for a nice long walk around Long Pond in Acadia National Park, and it reminded me of a great trail Jess and I did back last spring - Mansell Mountain, up the Perpendicular Trail and across the Razorback. Parking for this trail is at Long Pond. In the winter, … Continue reading Mansell Mountain – Acadia National Park

Champlain Mountain Hike

It was a beautiful bluebird day when Jess, DD and Willow set off to Acadia National Park to hike Champlain Mountain. The initial plan was to hike in the White Mountains and bag another winter 4,000 footer, but the weather down south was iffy. So we opted for a lighter day in Acadia, which we … Continue reading Champlain Mountain Hike

A Scenic Loop on Cadillac Mountain

It’s no secret that Acadia National Park is one of our favorite destinations.  Willow has been hiking there since she was a kid thanks to her parents who got her hooked on ocean views and granite ridges at a young age. This story is from Willow, on one of her solo hikes - a scenic loop on Cadillac Mountain. … Continue reading A Scenic Loop on Cadillac Mountain

Sargent Mountain

It was a beautiful day, to begin with. We've had some AMAZING weather here in Maine this season. Literally perfect. DD and Willow needed a little outdoor therapy - and we're lucky enough to live oh so close to Acadia National Park - so we decided to take advantage of our beautiful backyard. This was … Continue reading Sargent Mountain

Cadillac Mountain in the Fall

It was a beautiful October day after DD's Halloween party. Jess and Willow decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the quiet trails in Acadia National Park and take in the waterfalls on Cadillac Mountain in the Fall. Enjoy the views! Willow chose this route because we had just had rain and she knew the cascades … Continue reading Cadillac Mountain in the Fall

Beech Mountain – Southwest Harbor

My Dad was visiting from Florida, and we'd already had a pretty full day!We'd taken a tour by air - a plane tour of Mount Desert Island in the morning, a tour by sea - a schooner tour of Frenchman's Bay in the afternoon, and we needed to take a tour by land, in order to have done … Continue reading Beech Mountain – Southwest Harbor