saddle Trail Katahdin

Saddle Trail – Katahdin

Hey! It's DD. in 2016, I was recovering from a knee injury, so I wasn't event sure that I could hike Katahdin. We continued on planning our annual trip, regardless of the facts that the odds were against us - my knee was a mess, and the forecast called for 100% thunderstorms for the weekend. … Continue reading Saddle Trail – Katahdin

MainelyGlamping Adventure

DD has known Elissa for a few years, they met working at the Portland and Bangor CVB respectively. They became great friends, connecting over their love for Maine and the outdoors, and have since both expanded their passions into outside ventures, so a partnership seemed only natural. As you know - at LoveMaineAdventures - we … Continue reading MainelyGlamping Adventure

31 Nights Out Challenge – Camping in Maine

In 2015 I saw a post that a friend had shared about a challenge to spend 31 nights outside between Memorial Day and Labor Day (without quitting your job).  I love a good challenge and we already had a handful of trips planned already so I figured why not?!  The summer turned into a constant … Continue reading 31 Nights Out Challenge – Camping in Maine

Camping in Acadia National Park – Seawall Campground

Winter's long nights give you plenty of time for planning summer adventures and I like to book my weekends well in advance. I recently booked our third year at Seawall Campground in Acadia National Park. This is one of my most anticipated annual trips primarily because its just my son and I- a true test of my single mom … Continue reading Camping in Acadia National Park – Seawall Campground

3 Seasons on Moosehead Lake

Hello - it's Willow. I was born and raised in the great state of Maine, and I believe that if you are lucky enough in this life, you will get to spend copious time on a lake in Maine. If you are really lucky, you will get to spend some of that time on Moosehead … Continue reading 3 Seasons on Moosehead Lake

Bears in Franconia Notch

Hey, everyone! It's Jessica. I have a hilarious story to share from this summer in Franconia Notch, which has lead us to develop a whole new section for Love Maine Adventures - Campfire Stories!!! (#campfirestories) Camping is a favorite past time for us in Maine - but it doesn't always go as planned. Check out … Continue reading Bears in Franconia Notch

Mud Brook- Lily Bay State Park

  Mud Brook is Lily Bay State Park's group campsite.  Set on a peninsula north of the park, this is a great spot for larger camping crews.  It has all the benefits of the state park, but is a bit more rustic with only one outhouse and no other facilities. After breaking some of the … Continue reading Mud Brook- Lily Bay State Park

Seboomook Wilderness Campground

The Seboomook Wilderness Campground is in the northwest cove of Moosehead Lake, close to the Golden Road and the Canadian border.  We spent time at Seboomook over Labor Day of September of 2012 and 4th of July in 2013 & 2014.  The remote nature and distance from civilization are the best and worst parts of this campground.  Once … Continue reading Seboomook Wilderness Campground

Hiking Katahdin Over the Knife’s Edge

Hello! If you're coming to this post after reading about my first experience hiking on Mount Katahdin, you'll know that I was really looking forward to hiking Katahdin over the Knife's Edge. After we had such a great experience on year one some of our fellower Lucerne Inn-rs decided to join us on year two! … Continue reading Hiking Katahdin Over the Knife’s Edge

Winter in Moosehead

We stayed at the Beaver Cove Camps in February of 2012 on President's Day Weekend. These camps are located in Beaver Cove just south of Lily Bay State Park.  These were affordable cabins with bunks and lake views and are no longer in business, but still have a web cam of the lake so you can … Continue reading Winter in Moosehead