Road Trip down Route 1

Road Trip down Route 1 to see the Penobscot Narrows Bridge before the old version was torn down. A beautiful bridge and a great drive. Through the villages and towns of Hampden, Searsport, Winterport, Frankfort, Bucksport – do you sense a theme here? Taking a Road Trip down Route 1 was one of my favorite hobbies when I got into photography and I played around often – such beautiful scenery to take in and capture. I hope you enjoy this photographic journey that I hope to one day reformat so it’s not so scary. haha.

Winterport-Bucksport 005

Winterport-Bucksport 007

Hampden, Maine

Winterport-Bucksport 008Winterport-Bucksport 013

Winterport-Bucksport 014

I’ve always wondered what this was.

Winterport-Bucksport 015

heading through Searsport into Winterport on a Road Trip down Route 1

Winterport-Bucksport 016

Love this drive

Winterport-Bucksport 017


Winterport-Bucksport 021Winterport-Bucksport 026Winterport-Bucksport 028

Winterport-Bucksport 030

heading into Winterport, Maine. Village ahead! A great view for a Road Trip down Route 1.

Winterport-Bucksport 032

Winterport-Bucksport 033

Winterport Winery, Maine

Winterport-Bucksport 035

Winterport-Bucksport 038

Winterport, Maine

Winterport-Bucksport 040

Winterport, Maine

Winterport-Bucksport 041Winterport-Bucksport 042Winterport-Bucksport 043

Winterport-Bucksport 045

scenic overlook, Winterport, Maine

Winterport-Bucksport 046

summer in Maine

Winterport-Bucksport 047Winterport-Bucksport 048Winterport-Bucksport 049Winterport-Bucksport 050Winterport-Bucksport 051Winterport-Bucksport 053Winterport-Bucksport 054Winterport-Bucksport 055Winterport-Bucksport 057

Winterport-Bucksport 058

Prospect, Maine on a Road Trip down Route 1

Winterport-Bucksport 059

Winterport-Bucksport 062

Fort Knox, Maine

Winterport-Bucksport 063

Penobscot Narrows Bridge, the new version.

Winterport-Bucksport 064

Winterport-Bucksport 065

the old Penobscot Narrows Bridge and the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge.

Winterport-Bucksport 066

the old Penobscot Narrows Bridge and the new Penobscot Narrows Bridge.

Winterport-Bucksport 067

the old Penobscot Narrows Bridge

Winterport-Bucksport 068

Penobscot River, Bucksport, Maine

Winterport-Bucksport 069Winterport-Bucksport 070Winterport-Bucksport 071Winterport-Bucksport 072Winterport-Bucksport 073Winterport-Bucksport 074Winterport-Bucksport 075Winterport-Bucksport 076Winterport-Bucksport 077Winterport-Bucksport 078Winterport-Bucksport 080Winterport-Bucksport 083Winterport-Bucksport 084Winterport-Bucksport 085Winterport-Bucksport 086Winterport-Bucksport 091Winterport-Bucksport 092Winterport-Bucksport 093Winterport-Bucksport 103Winterport-Bucksport 113Winterport-Bucksport 116Winterport-Bucksport 118Winterport-Bucksport 119Winterport-Bucksport 120Winterport-Bucksport 122Winterport-Bucksport 124Winterport-Bucksport 129Winterport-Bucksport 130Winterport-Bucksport 131


As the sun sets on a beautiful day, I feel lucky to live in such a wonderful state, full of beauty at every turn. Maine is a gift to the people who live in it. There’s always something to see and do, somewhere to go, somewhere to drive to, a natural beauty to see. I hope you enjoy your time in Maine!


Cheers – DD