Cadillac Mountain Traverse

Our squad decided we were up for a traverse across Cadillac Mountain on a balmy winter day that felt like Spring. it was about 40 degrees and not so windy. We started and parked near theĀ South Ridge, North Ridge, Road Walk, Gorge Path, Hemlock Trail, Stratheden Path, finally ending at Sieur Du Monts where we had parked a car. It wasn’t long to get to/from the cars. I’d recommend this trail to for moderate and advances hikers. Great views and scenery!



I had to get in the photo somehow šŸ™‚



Lunch at top of Cadillac Mountain with not a soul in site. I highly recommend it.



A Ā little should out to m Cairn box subscription, which helps me on many adventures.



celebratory beers at Finns, in Ellsworth. And Scotch Eggs. Slainte!

And that one’s in the books!

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