Beech Cliffs to Beech Mountain

Hey! It’s DD. Jess, Nick and I wanted to do something off the Main Island in Acadia (to avoid tourists in peak season), with a bit of a challenge and some views. We decided on Beech Cliffs to Beech Mountain, in Southwest Harbor! We parked at Echo Beach, which you need a park pass for, but we hit the trailhead right off. You must get there early to get parking here. It’s an amazing beach, and we got there around 9 am. It filled up quickly after we arrived!

We hit some ladders and had a great time climbing. There were some small ish kids that were hiking behind us – and they seemed to be doing just fine. I’d say the kids were about 7 or 8.

It truly was a brief tip up to the top. This is a great beginner hike (if you are ok with the ladders) and good for kiddos too (assuming they are also ok with the ladders) you can head back down, like the family behind us did, or you can head over to Beech Mountain, which is one of my favorites for sure. A little work, a lot of reward! You can read about it more in depth here

In an exciting turn of events, the fire tower was open! this was the first time any of us had been able to access it. Very cool


The path back down Canada Cliffs was flat and didn’t take us much time. There were a lot of beautiful landscapes to take in, very magical!

We landed at Echo Beach, which is pretty freaking amazing. Add that to your list!

Check out our friend Aislinn’s one minute hike of this trail for more trail information!.

After this we headed down to get to Side St Cafe, which you’ll find to be a theme with us. Tell them we sent you for the best margarita in town! We had a drink there the other night with our friend James, who wrote this amazing guide to Acadia! Check it out and if you buy it, we get a little kickback 🙂

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Beech Cliffs to Beech Mountain


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