Precipice Trail

Precipice Trail is one of our favorite trails in Acadia National Park. It provides a nice thrill in a short hike.

It starts ascending almost immediately, and you encounter rungs and ladders.

The view was totally worth it. We got a little confused when we hit a cave – it almost appears as thought you might climb over it, but then you can’t really see where to go. So we went through!

It’s a bit sketchy, as you are on some cliffs, using your hands a lot, and hoisting yourself up. There are definite moments of “WHAT IN THE HECK AM I DOING” and “IF I SLIP I MIGHT DIE”. Notice Lindsey’s wearing some gloves – this is a good pro tip if you have sweaty hands. I’ve done this hike a few times, so I knew what to expect, but if it’s your first time and you aren’t too sure of your grips, having gloves can’t hurt.

You hit a bridge, which has recently been replaced. How’d you like to be the one to replace that bridge??

The views are totally stunning if you can get over the terrain. But then again, if the terrain and the views weren’t why you were there, then you would have taken a different trail! It’s totally worth the elevated heart rate and the fear of falling to achieve the summit.

We met a friend on this trail, who was rather willing to be a part of our ridiculousness. Thanks Kevin! side note: we love meeting people on the trail. Say hey if you ever see us out! I can’t promise I won’t make you take a selfie with me though…

We made it to the summit in about an hour, and it was pretty crowded there, because Precipice is not the only trail to the top Champlain Mountain. See Champlain Mountain- Beechcroft Trail

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We took our summit shots and then booked it down, like we always do. We get down the mountain much faster than we go up it – it might be the downward slope, or it might be the motivation of Side St. Cafe at the end of the trail. We started to take the Orange and Black Path down, but then decided to just road walk it, because we were hungry 🙂 as you can see I was sad that my grapes were not wine.

Trail Stats: 

Miles: 1.8

Elevation Gain: 988 feet

Level : Experienced

Pets: Not recommended

Parking: At Trailhead. Acadia Park Passes are requiredn’t have one? You can get one here! 

My favorite gear:

I LOVE my new Osprey Backpack!

I’m also obsessed with the Buff that Jess got me

Here’s Lindsay’s gloves –

and as always, I used plenty of things I didn’t know I needed from my Cairn Box on this trip, including my polarized Nectar Sunglasses! I had never heard of the brand before, but they have some awesome frames at some wicked cheap prices – and if you’re like me you like fashion and you’re also a bit careless, so low priced sunglasses are where it’s at. Bonus – UV coated so they enhance your experience! This brand is TAKING OFF, so make sure to follow them. They have some deals on Amazon right now – I just bought these while writing this…

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Hiking the Precipice Trail up Champlain Mountain in Acadia National Park