Get Cairn – Best Adventure Subscriptions – We are proud to be ambassadors

So you have probably heard us talk about our Cairn box… we discovered it in August, 2015, and we have been members ever since. It’s definitely one of the best adventure subscription boxes out there. The best day of the month is the day our Cairn packages show up, and quite honestly we were just musing over how just having this stuff in inventory set us up nicely for our most recent backpacking trip. I’ll end up elaborating on this post at some point, but the whole point is to get you to sign up, because we are now ambassadors!!

Here’s a brief list of what we used. All stuff we stockpiled and didn’t know we needed. for less than $30.00/month and the value is WAYYYY more.

luminAID PackLite 16 (coming soon in our online store!)
MGovern & Co Wilderness Survival Bandana | $12
Power Practical Luminoodle | $20 (coming soon in our online store!)
Hydaway 21ox Collapsible Bottle | $20

If you sign up using our ad below, you get the best value – a Cotopaxi Day Pack (value $60.00) + other treats and tricks!


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