Mount Waldo

Mount Waldo is located in Frankfort, Maine. It’s an awesome day hike if you live in the Greater Bangor Region, or MidCoast Maine. It offers great views at a low elevation, and it’s only a few miles round trip. It’s private land, and is not well maintained or well marked, so for that reason, I’d say this hike is not good for beginners, because of that alone. The hike its self is not super challenging – it’s a moderate hike. It would be great for dogs, or older children.

Here’s some officially unofficial directions as for how to get there. 🙂 We just put Mount Waldo in our Google Maps, and it got us there. We also checked All Trails for the GPS coordinates  and thank goodness we did – we needed to use the GPS map to find the trail! (You can find me on All Trails and see our route!)

You’ll take the path under the train bridge, and follow it along through a neighborhood until you reach the place to park – you’ll know it because you’ll reach a gate, and you can’t go any further! Parking on the right hand side of the road is forbidden, something tells me people do it anyways, but we are not those people. 🙂

During the time we visited, there was a tree blocking the trail. We hopped on over and headed up to the Quarry, where we picked up the trail.

If you’re from this area, you might have spent some time at the Frankfort Quarry. I’ve been up there a few times, and I’ve not seen another person there, but I hear it can be quite a popular spot in the summer. There’s a graffiti wall – and there’s a love/hate relationship with it. Personally, I enjoy the view and found reading the graffitti to be fascinating, and I love imagining the stories behind it.

We did struggle to find the path up from the Quarry, but we bushwhacked and found our way back to the trail, using our All Trails app 🙂 We took a path up and over to get some nice views.


There’s a nice platform that opens up after you do a little climb. it’s pretty awesome – great views

We spent some time taking in the view, but we were anxious to reach the summit and have our summit beers. We followed the ribbon markers on the trees as well as the cairns on the ground to take us closer to the towers up the top, but we didn’t see them until we were very close to the summit!


We stopped and had some Geaghan’s Beers at the summit to celebrate!

We had a nice picnic and then we booked it back down. The right trail.


Mount Waldo is a great day hike! You can totally bring your dog – this would be a great place in the winter for snowshoeing or for a trial run as well. Tag us if you do this adventure! #lovemaineadventures

Specs: 3.7 miles RT

980 feet elevation gain

Have you done this hike? Let us know! Use #LoveMaineAdventures!

Cheers! – dd