How to Be a Weekend Warrior

Ever wondered if you have the suff it takes to be a weekend warrior?  Living in a state of constant motion isn’t easy, but with focus and determination is attainable.  Life has many priorities that keep us preoccupied- family, friends, pets, work, school, homeownership, and other pursuits, but outdoor adventure is always near the top.  Willow is a single mom (Shoutout to Grandma and Grandpa […]

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Bangor Beer Co. Taproom

Bangor Beer Company is Bangor, Maine’s newest brewery! It’s located in the back of Oriental Jade and offers pub fare, asian fare, craft beer, sushi, ramen, and much much more.   For more info on Bangor Beer Co you can follow them on facebook, Instagram, and Untapped!

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Moving to Maine – The Way Life Should Be – Adventures of a Girl, a Boy, and a Hound

People have asked a lot about how my boyfriend and I moved from outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Stockton Springs, Maine. They ask with a perplexed look, “What do you do for a living and why did you move to Maine?” We simply wanted a new adventure and to get away from the high stress life of living by the city. I hope you enjoy […]

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Winterport Winery & Penobscot Bay Brewery

Winterport Winery and Penobscot Bay Brewery I discovered the Winterport Winery and the Penobscot Bay Brewery not long after moving to Maine – of course Willow is from Winterport, so she’s known about it for years 🙂 I used to drive down Route One, and just meander my way down, checking out many antique shops and views along the way. (you can see a great […]

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Don’t Let Your Maine Summer Slip Away

I am reflecting on how to take advantage of the rest of the Maine Summer. Angus King recently said “Summer lingers, but cool mornings are a portent. Remember, however, September is our secret”.  If you are not following Senator King on Instagram, you should consider doing so- He rides his Harley around the state and showcases everything that our great state has to offer and […]

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Weekend Warrior’s Guide to Maine Beaches

Maine summers are short and when you work 40+ hours Monday-Friday, you have to maximize every single weekend moment.  Monday mornings in summer have me checking the long range forecast from the National Weather Service to keep an eye on the weekend conditions.  My favorite Maine beaches are all bookmarked and depending on weather, cloud cover, fog and temperature, I can determine the best place to […]

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Geaghan Brothers Brewing Taproom

Geaghans Taproom is located in Brewer, Maine and is a great spot to meet a friend for drinks – or to stop by and make a new friend! The taproom has recently expanded for beer brewing purposes, and I was excited to check it out for a Public Relations networking event I was attending. I look forward to visiting again in the summer, when the patio […]

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Bounce ‘n Beer Adventure with Maine Yoga Adventures!

DD and Willow, coming at you. We’ve recently discovered a great new Bangor Adventure, and we are THRILLED to share it with you! It all started one rainy day…..when the weather calls for rain for days, and days, and days, what’s a pair of adventures to to do?  We were sorting out our weekend plans when we saw Maine Yoga Adventure’s Maine Bounce ‘n Beer […]

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Scarborough Beach State Park

Hi all, it’s Willow….. Beach season is here, and we are beach bums at the core.  Scarborough Beach State Park is by far one of the best beaches in Maine.  This beach is one of Maine’s great surf beaches and offers a more rustic feel than other beaches in Southern Maine (Read: Outhouses) and has a very chill vibe.  I have enjoyed coming to this […]

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Skiing on Big Moose Mountain at Big Squaw Resort

Hey it’s DD!! We set out to check out what it was like to go skiing on Big Moose Mountain at Big Squaw Resort. Spoiler – this day was AWESOME. For so many reasons. It was 45 degrees out I skied down Intermediate trails, only falling three times and one was pretty epic. Making memories with great friends – We kept a 2 year old […]

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Mason’s Brewing Company Brunch

Jess and DD were SUPPOSED to go hiking today (Willow is hiking in southern Maine with a friend) but it was cold. And sleeping in and BLOODY MARYS sounded SO much more appealing –  so we decided that our adventure for today would be BRUNCH. Jess and DD went to Judy’s (a dive bar with breakfast) last weekend, but DD is a crazy Bloody Mary critic and they just did […]

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Lily Bay State Park

Certainly one of our most beautiful state parks, Lily Bay State Park is located on the northeast shore of Moosehead Lake.  Offering excellent views of Moose Mountain, paddling to Sugar Island and easy access to Kokadjo and nearby hiking, this is a prime location for enjoying all that the Moosehead Lake region has to offer. We’ve spent time here on a few occasions including Columbus […]

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